In His Own Words

Father Hesburgh wrote four books, gave countless speeches, and composed numerous essays, statements, and documents. He was the subject of innumerable articles, quoted in many others, and interviewed often on a multitude of issues over the past half century. Here is a sampling of his ideas, thoughts, and opinions, both spoken and written.

Father Hesburgh's overarching vocation, his priesthood, led to many memorable experiences. One such recollection is included here from his autobiography:

Once when traveling, delayed overnight in the Dallas airport, he was allowed to use an empty American Airlines office to say Mass at 4:30 a.m. "Just as I finished the ceremony, still dressed in my white robe, with my altar candles flickering in the dark, I was startled to see a bewildered baggage handler staring at me from the other side of the huge picture window. 'What are you doing there?' he called out.

'I'm offering Mass.'

'Who for?'

'For the whole world.'

That seemed to satisfy him, and he got back on his baggage tractor and left." 

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